Reluctantly Rogue by Erin Nicolle

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Reluctantly Rogue (Royals Gone Rogue #2) by Erin Nicolle, Erin Nicholas

A bodyguard, she’s off-limits, he falls first, secret relationship romance!

The gorgeous, brilliant woman I have dirty dreams about every damned night?
She’s supposed to marry my best friend.
She’s supposed to be queen someday.
She’s off-limits.

But I can’t walk away.
I’m supposed to protect her.
Maybe even be her friend.
I should not be lusting after her.
And I absolutely cannot fall in love with her.
But I can’t forget that one spontaneous, stolen kiss. I can’t stop taking care of her. I can’t stop wanting her secrets. I can’t get over her smiles, her laughter, her happiness. I can’t get over .
So, while my head knows she can’t be mine, my heart doesn’t care.
And if it comes down to choosing between her or… …I won’t have to think twice.

Reluctantly Rogue is Jonah and Linnea’s story. It is book two in the steamy modern royal romance series Royals Gone Rogue. It is definitely best read after book one.

Reluctantly Rogue – Erin Nicolle, Erin Nicholas

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