Reluctantly His by Zoe Blake

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Reluctantly His (Gilded Decadence #4) by Zoe Blake, Alta Hensley

Her father thinks he gets to choose a husband for her. Too bad she’s already mine.

She’s innocent, sheltered, and spoiled, and I’m paid to protect her.
I shouldn’t be fantasizing about shoving her to her knees and teaching her a better use for that sassy mouth, let alone pinning her down, spreading her thighs, and making her scream my name.
But she needs it rough, and soon she’s going to get it.
No matter how dangerous a line it is to cross, next time she tests me she’s going to come until she begs for mercy with her bare ass still bright red from a reminder that I expect to be obeyed.
She may be my boss’ little sister, but she’s my babygirl now.

Reluctantly His – Zoe Blake, Alta Hensley

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