Red Line Ruin by Mariah Wolfe

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Red Line Ruin (Los Angeles Firebirds Hockey #1) by Mariah Wolfe

I just dropped my underwear in front of the hottest guy I’ve ever seen.
Then I found out we’d be working together.

My best friend just went to Paris for three months, leaving me with her luxury apartment…
And her hot-as-Hades neighbor.
If you think those sound like nice problems to have, think again.
Because Weston Scott is anything but nice.

The star hockey player for the San Diego Firebirds is as grim as he is gorgeous.
The first time we meet, I spill a box of my lingerie at his feet.
He calls me a crazy stalker and slams his door in my face.
The second time we meet, I’m getting hired as the new social media coordinator for the Firebirds…
And he’s swearing to make me quit before the season starts.
But I need this job if I’m going to escape the gravitational pull of the life I left behind.

So I can’t afford to let Weston Scott run me out of town.
I also can’t afford to let him break my heart.
But with every accidental bump-in in the apartment hallway…
With every missing pair of panties stolen from my drawer…
With every naked late-night skate session, every stolen kiss, every “whoops, we shouldn’t have done that”…
I get a little bit closer to crossing the red line.
And that can only end in one of two ways:
Heaven or heartbreak.

Red Line Ruin – Mariah Wolfe

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