Reclaimed Hearts by Danielle Keil [ePub]

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Reclaimed Hearts (Hidden Hearts #1) by Danielle Keil

Marlowe Mitchell’s day is off to a rough start. Not only have all her friends and family forgotten her birthday, but Eleanor Covington, a sort of grandmotherly figure to Marlowe, passes away. Worst of all, she crashes her bike into the most popular guy on Covington Cove Island.

It seems her summer is destined to be terrible, until her ex-boyfriend’s parents ask her to house sit. Marlowe can’t turn down the money they’re offering, even if it means being in a house that holds such painful memories.
Things get worse when her ex-boyfriend, Reid, shows up unexpectedly a few days later, acting like he hadn’t shattered her heart the summer before.
While Marlowe is dealing with the emotions that come with living with the ex she’s still in love with, she gets a mysterious message from the late Eleanor. A clue, leading to a scavenger hunt that sends her all across the island.
Marlowe wants to protect her heart, but she’s forced to confront her unresolved feelings for Reid when he insists on helping her solve the clues.
Will Eleanor’s riddles lead Marlowe to a reward worth more than she ever imagined?
And can Marlowe and Reid once again reclaim the love once held in their hearts?

Reclaimed Hearts – Danielle Keil

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