Reaper by Liv Brywood

Reaper (Underground Vengeance MC: Montana Chapter #5) by Liv Brywood – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

I’d ride through hell to save her…
Seven years ago, Lexi vanished without a trace. When she crashes back into my life, she’s not alone. She’s got my son with her and they’re fleeing from the malevolent clutches of Jonathan Blackstone. Despite my vow to protect them, Lexi struggles to trust the darkness within me, fearing it may consume our chance at love. As I ride through the depths of hell for justice and redemption, I must prove to Lexi that my heart, though haunted by demons, beats fiercely with devotion for her and our son. Our bond is stronger than any evil force, and together, we can finally end Blackstone’s reign of terror forever.
Ride into the world of Underground Vengeance MC, a brotherhood of passionate, loyal, and ruthless men who will do anything to protect what’s theirs.

Reaper – Liv Brywood ePUB

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