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Rapture (Bound By Sin #3) by Anna Argento

He’ll protect her with his life… but who will protect her from him?

Riley Murphy is an ambitious reporter who will do anything for the truth. When she’s assigned to investigate Gabriel Greco, Florida’s most notorious mafia boss, she thinks it’s the story that will make her career. But the more time she spends with Gabriel, the more she’s drawn into his intoxicating web of power, passion, and danger. Riley knows getting too close could cost her everything, but she can’t resist the magnetic attraction between them.
Gabriel awakens forbidden desires in her, and soon she’s crossing lines she never thought she would. But Gabriel also keeps secrets that could destroy them both. With ruthless enemies circling and dark secrets threatening to tear them apart, Riley must decide if Gabriel is her biggest story or her greatest love.

But in the treacherous underworld of the mafia, love and truth come at the highest price.

WARNING: This story contains mature themes and strong language that may not be suitable for some readers

Rapture – Anna Argento

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