Pucking Insane by Charity Parkerson

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Pucking Insane (Thin Ice #6) by Charity Parkerson

What started as a teenage crush has transformed into an adult-sized obsession. Murphy doesn’t know how to free himself, or if he wants this insanity to stop.
Years ago, Murphy volunteered at Lev’s hockey camp. Back then, Lev was a teenager Murphy didn’t notice until things turned uncomfortable, and Murphy ran. Now Lev is a grown man and a star. In fact, he’s the highest paid hockey player in the league. Murphy still has no desire to ever see Lev again. The guy almost ruined his reputation and career. Unfortunately, Lev won’t be ignored, and Murphy isn’t as uninterested as he’d like.
Lev knows Murphy is ashamed of their relationship. He just doesn’t care. These days, Lev is used to getting what he wants. His sights are set on Murphy. Always have been. Now he’s in the position to win the coach who plagued his teenaged dreams. There’s no escape for Murphy. Insanity wins every time and Lev has that in droves.

Pucking Insane – Charity Parkerson

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