Pucking Hot Hockey Daddies by Livvy Stone [ePub]

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Pucking Hot Hockey Daddies (Sizzling Hockey Romance Boxsets) by Livvy Stone

Three standalone steamy, heartwarming stories of love and second chances where rugged hockey dads take center ice. Whether they’re single dads or dealing with the surprise of a secret baby, these hunks will steal your heart!

Pucking My Silver Fox
Wham, bam, no thank you, ma’am—
That was the end of a one-night stand with my brother’s best friend.
Or so I thought.
But now that we’re in a fake relationship, all bets are off. . .
Ryder Lafferty is perfect— bronzed, primal and ripped beyond belief, with muscles and manhood that strain to be released.
I couldn’t resist. And he did not disappoint.
He pleasured me like no man my age ever had before.
I wanted more. But he disappeared.
Years later, I run into Ryder,
now a billionaire hockey star and single daddy of the cutest little girl ever.
When a violent gang targets her, Ryder and I pretend to be a couple for protection.
As we navigate lies and deceit, our desire intensifies to the nth degree.
Skin against skin, we tumble, toss, and electrify the night.
And the way he treats his baby—and me—melts my heart.
Despite numerous warnings that this will never work, I can’t stop myself.
Ryder’s daughter is at risk. And so is my heart . . .

Pucking My Best Friend’s Brother
The world yearns for my billionaire’s riches…
But I’d trade it all for my first love, my sister’s best friend.
After an injury shattered her Olympic dreams,
Emma Matthews is back in town to make a living from her family-owned skating rink.
She didn’t know her father sold it to the hockey team owner: me.
I didn’t know she’d returned with dark secrets and scars…
Her presence reignites something inside me, a flicker of hope I thought long lost.
She’s back, and with her, the promise of something I’ve been yearning for all this time.
Faced with losing the hockey team to my shady partner, I propose a deal:
she poses as my fake fiancée to help me keep it, and in return she gets the rink back.
Despite her resentment, she agrees.
The freeze around her heart starts melting…
Yet shadows of the past loom,
and her cruel ex, my star player, threatens our fragile truce.
The stakes are high and the ice is thin but I’m determined to fight for a love that’s real.
Warning: Brief references to sensitive topics, including alcoholism, suicide, and bullying.

Pucking My Baby’s Daddy
I’m the father of my best friend’s sister’s son—only she doesn’t know it.
When I met Layla Craig years ago, I didn’t know she was my best friend’s off-limits sister—
all I knew is she was a bombshell and I wanted her badly.
One night we had a sizzling secret encounter and pledged to become inseparable.
Yet fate had other plans.
Drafted by the NHL, I left town.
My calls unanswered, I tried to forget her—but never could.
Six years later, I’m back home for the off-season.
Running into the love of my life again feels like a thunderbolt.
Learning she has a son who looks just like me hits me like a slapshot to my gut.
And her not knowing I’m the father stabs me in the heart.
Her protective brother suggests I become Layla’s fake fiancé to keep her psycho ex at bay—
warning me it must be purely pretend.
But our chemistry crackles with sizzling attraction…
…and this is my chance to win Layla’s and our son’s hearts.

My trophies and billions will mean nothing if I can’t have my family together.

Pucking Hot Hockey Daddies – Livvy Stone

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