Psycho Love by N.O. One [ePub]

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Psycho Love (Sons of Khaos #2) by N.O. One

The world stopped spinning as I crossed the finish line. What should have been a time for celebration turned into my worst nightmare..
Nothing, not even my brothers, can stop the inevitable.
The Rebels are all going to die and I won’t stop until I fulfill that promise.
But when my past decides to pay me a little visit, it’s nearly impossible to keep my emotions in check.
Anger, happiness, disappointment, elation…Her actions have me questioning the simple principles of science .
The memory of our whispered promises, “No secrets, no lies”, keeps me awake at night, her betrayal too deep to forget. Her abandonment too cruel to forgive.
The night I finally go up against Cain in the illegal street race, after calling him out for the number one spot, marks the turning point in my life.
It’s a new day, with new rules, and this time…I’m playing to win.

Psycho Love – N.O. One

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