Protected By the Alien Bodyguard by Kate Sinner

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Protected By the Alien Bodyguard (My Monster, My Protector) by Kate Sinner

Wanted for murder. Pursued by desire. Can we outrun both?

I just killed someone. My alien owner, to be precise. I’ve been abducted and held captive for what feels like forever, kept as some glorified pet. I thought life couldn’t get any worse…until he walked in.
Jaraz towers over me with red skin, glinty horns, and-is that a tail?! Of course, a guy who looks like the devil himself would make my life hell. Now, my only option is to flee alongside him. I hope his rippling muscles scare off his pursuers. I’m definitely not staring because they tempt me in all the wrong ways. Nope, not me.
As if being wanted for murder isn’t enough, it turns out Jaruk is hiding from his own demons. Our only chance at freedom lies in crossing the border, and to do that, we’ll have to fake a marriage. But there’s a catch – Jaruk is not just an alien, he’s a criminal too, with a past shrouded in darkness. Will our unlikely alliance be the key to survival, or will our growing desire be the one thing we can’t escape?

Protected By the Alien Bodyguard – Kate Sinner

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