Promise Kept by Jaxson Kidman

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Promise Kept (Indecent Intent #1) by Jaxson Kidman


Her father has died from an overdose.
His best friend shows up to say it’s his job to ‘look after her’ for a while.
Then she finds out her father and his best friend own some secret underground club.
A club where any and all fantasies come to life for the right price…
And guess what? She now owns a part of that business.
Oh, and on top of that, Larissa has always had a secret crush on her father’s best friend.



He’s part of ‘the business’ but never got too close.
Now he’s thrust into running the company.
And he’s supposed to ‘look after’ his dead best friend’s bratty daughter.
She’s spoiled, stubborn… and too beautiful for her own good.
He knows he’s twice her age.
She’s the one interested in all the deep, dark fantasies the secret underground business has to offer.
That means spending more time together.
That means getting closer.
That means…


Where do the lines blur?
When do the boundaries get crossed?
How far is ‘too far’…?

She’s 23. He’s 46.
Welcome to Indecent Intent.

Promise Kept – Jaxson Kidman

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