Prince of the Tower by Aimee Clinton [ePub]

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Prince of the Tower (Wings and Whispers #1) by Aimee Clinton

One kiss will unravel the threads of destiny.

When a freak accident lands university graduate Aliza in a magical land full of savage beasts and supernatural beings, her only wish is to find her way home. That is until a witch ensnares her in a deadly quest to break a curse and save this mysterious world from the grip of a vicious tyrant.
The fae prince has spent centuries trapped in an enchanted slumber, leaving his people at the mercy of a wicked sorcerer. An ancient prophecy speaks of a human woman destined to rid the kingdom of evil, but not all sleeping things should be woken.
If Aliza can succeed in breaking the curse, she will finally be free to return home. There’s just one problem – an ember of growing desire that promises salvation, or destruction…

Prince of the Tower – Aimee Clinton

Download Prince of the Tower by Aimee Clinton [ePub]

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