Polished Off by Layne Daniels

Polished Off (Magnolia Point) by Layne Daniels – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

I’ll do almost anything for my best friend. Of course, I would. She completely owns my heart, even if she’s oblivious to it. She must be or she wouldn’t put a guy through this much torture.Since she took over the Diddled Fiddle, I’ve stood by her side, ready to leap in and help with anything she needs. So when a plumbing emergency threatens to flood the speed dating event she organized, she doesn’t hesitate to call me. And I come running, just like the dutiful best friend/hopelessly devoted idiot I am.Did I say she tortured me? I didn’t know torture.When we’re both soaked to the skin by the busted pipe, I see the parts of her that have filled my fantasies until now. Parts of her I want to explore, but can’t because I’m friend zoned.Yeah… Let the actual torture begin.

Polished Off – Layne Daniels ePUB

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