Perfectly Yours by N. Slater

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Perfectly Yours (Beta Accepted #1) by N. Slater

Dancing at Euphoria most nights and working the occasional private party doesn’t pay the bills. It certainly doesn’t pay for college.
Which is how I, an insignificant Beta, find myself as a famous Alpha-Omega duo’s new maid.
An Alpha-Omega duo that couldn’t be more famous if they tried.
The ever-stoic Macon who directs award-winning indie films and Savin, the perfectly gorgeous Omega who retired from the acting scene to focus on building a family.
The problem?
I vividly remember the night I spent with them after a private party that delved into strip poker, copious amounts of tequila, and bad decisions.
When I discover that Macon and Savin are my scent matches, I’m wary of the mutual attraction. Do they like me because of me or because our biology tells us that we’re perfect for each other?
And how do I tell them that I’m pregnant with their child?
Is there a happy ending to all this or am I better off finding a nice Beta to settle down with amid my colossal fuck-up?
Perfectly Yours is an 18+ MMF standalone romance that follows a stubborn Beta FMC trying to find love amidst scent matches, societal expectations, a surprise pregnancy, and paparazzi scrutiny. TW/CW in the Author’s Note.

Perfectly Yours – N. Slater

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