Perfect Liar by Kelleigh Clare

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Perfect Liar (Perfect Liars #1) by Kelleigh Clare

She wants the truth, but she wants him even more.

Not long after Ellie graduates from college, she finds her sister dead, and there’s just one person who can protect her from a legacy of family secrets and lies…
Will Hastings is a seductive British aristocrat with twisted secrets of his own, and as badly as she wants this dangerous man, his darkness could be her downfall.
To escape the men trying to get to them, he takes Ellie and her niece to his estate in England, but then he disappears without a word.
Now, Ellie’s forced to face her grief, forced to confront her feelings and the fact that she gave her heart to a ruthless killer. She realizes their one shot at having a life together hangs on her trading her tears for courage before it’s too late.
If only she’d known the depth of the lies and deceit before taking the leap.

Perfect Liar – Kelleigh Clare

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