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Pay the Price (Blackwell Beasts #2) by Sadie Hunt

I thought they were my enemies.
I was right.
I invited the infamous Blackwell Beasts to live with me for one reason: find out if they killed my brother five years go.
They did the time, but did they really do the crime?
I thought I was prepared for anything, but deep down, I didn’t want to believe they did it.
How could I when guitar-playing Wolf made me feel so safe, when quirky Otis made me feel so seen?
Even Jace, my MC bully, brought something to the table, pushing me to explore parts of myself I didn’t know existed.
But now the truth is out: five years ago, my brother’s best friends killed him.
Now enemies are all around and the Blackwell Beasts might be my best chance of survival — but only if I give them my body and soul.

Pay the Price – Sadie Hunt

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