Outlaw by Khloe Summers

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Outlaw (Rugged Mountain MC: Anti-Heroes #1) by Khloe Summers

Can this older mountain biker find love with a woman on the run?


I know a criminal when I see one,
But this woman isn’t what I’m used to.
She’s thick, sweet, and sexy as hell.
That, and despite the fact that she’s robbed two banks, she has a heart of gold.
I’m a bounty hunter, I should take her in.
Trouble is, she needs me
And I’m not sure I can say no.

No one grows up knowing they’re going to be a criminal.
I didn’t anyway.
On the run with nowhere to turn, I find myself talking to the enemy.
A big, rugged, tattooed biker who also happens to run bounties.
It’s my worst nightmare.
I should run away and be smart about this.
He’s not my friend.
But nature planned this right.
I’m a slave to his demands
And my body is aching for the spanking i have coming.

Outlaw – Khloe Summers

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