Out of Sight: Completed Duet by Katie May

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Out of Sight: Completed Duet by Katie May

I’ve only ever known two things.
Darkness and pain.
Blind since a young age, I spent my life as an experiment and test subject. My days were spent in torment
Until one day…I fought back.
Only to end up a prisoner once again.
Nightmare Penitentiary houses the most dangerous criminals in the supernatural world.

I don’t belong here, but the warden doesn’t give me a choice in the matter when he drops me deep underground, in the middle of an ever-changing maze with no chance of escape.
And while danger lurks around every corner, I find myself taking comfort in the presence of eight dangerous men.
Twin demons as different from each other as night and day. A psychotic mage with a penchant for torture and bloodshed. An unhinged tiger shifter. A protective shadow wolf. A possessive dragon. A flirty cupid. And a sentient labyrinth who may just be the key to our escape.
The world will soon discover I’m more than just a meek, damaged girl. I’m a queen, and if I have to make a throne out of the bones of my enemies…
Then so be it.
Out of sight, out of mind.

Out of Sight: The Complete Series includes both Blindly Indicted and Blindly Acquitted, as well as bonus scenes. This is a reverse harem/why choose romance, meaning the FMC will not have to choose between her love interests. While the men are all psychotic killers, they absolutely adore the ground the FMC walks on. There is no bullying or cheating whatsoever.

Out of Sight: Completed Duet – Katie May

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