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Our Secret Game (Drayton Hills #2) by Janisha Boswell

Nora Bailey is a mess, on and off stage. A good kind of mess. The kind of mess that kisses the first person she sees after finding her ex cheating on her. Fake dating Wes, the boy who has been annoying her since they could speak, was not in the script that she’s been writing for her life. But she’s a romantic. And she knows there’s nothing better than a good plot twist.
Wes Mackenzie is just as much a mess as Nora, if not messier. Running has been his greatest strength since he was a kid, but that also means running away from his problems; one of them being a six-four man who coaches his football team and is also his dad. When he continues pressuring Wes to quit his playboy act and fix his attitude on and off the field, he knows just the person who can help.
Being a theatre major has its perks, so Nora is sure she can put on the performance of a lifetime to save her dignity as a star at Drayton. Wes is not so good at acting, but for her, he’d do just about anything. Including ignoring the very real feelings that he has for her while trying to keep her as a friend.

When the final curtain closes, will either of them be able to put on their best faces or will their feelings for each other crash and burn right in front of the audience?

Our Secret Game – Janisha Boswell

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