Our Beautiful Mess by BK Clark

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Our Beautiful Mess by BK Clark

Two broken hearts get a second chance at love in this atmospheric, suspenseful love story.

Claire has never known affection. Not from the parents who raised her to carry on a family empire or her recently deceased husband, who only married her for that empire. She’s hidden every “needy” emotion, every desire, in the stories she pens by hand. No longer able to bear the shallow condolences, the familial expectations—the dark secret she carries—Claire leaves for the picturesque island of Solsken. It’s her chance to become the woman, the writer, she longs to be.
She never expected him.
Danny is reeling from his ex-wife’s infidelity. Already leaning too heavily on his best friend, he doesn’t need secretive women with guarded smiles and quirky writing habits showing up in his tavern, stealing his attention. He can’t allow the snare of attraction, that mouth, to unravel his carefully built walls. He’s barely holding himself together.
Then the whispers start, a cold touch while Claire sleeps, a window opening without her. Claire’s convinced it’s in her head. Stress. Until a blood-written threat appears, driving her to Danny’s doorstep. She shouldn’t seek him out, it’s not his mess to fix, but there’s the way his eyes never waver from hers, those tender touches she craves.
…And there’s her secret that could tear it all away.

Our Beautiful Mess – BK Clark

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