Orc’s Taming by Ava Ross

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Orc’s Taming (Monster Mate Hunt #5) by Ava Ross

I want to begin a new life far from my village. Will that life include an orc who vows to adore me?

When a man in my village makes demands I’m not willing to give into, my younger brother and I flee into the forest. It’s the night of the Monster Mate Hunt, but the orcs who are gifted with brides in exchange for protecting the village will be too busy with the other woman to notice me.
Until Turren claims me as his mate. I’m not interested in marrying, and orcs scare me. But there’s something sweet and endearing about this one. My brother and I planned to make a new life far from our village. Could that new life be with Turren?

Kaila’s fierce and strong-willed, and in no time, I can’t imagine a world without her. In exchange for taking her and her brother to the new village on the edge of the forest, she agrees to let me woo her during our journey. And me, a male of very few words, has talked her into giving me three kisses. I’m going to do all I can to convince her we’re destined to be together, even if that means speaking of feelings and my past, things I’ve shared with no one.
When we reach the village, will Kaila leave me, or will she agree to be my mate?

Orc’s Taming – Ava Ross

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