One Rich Revenge by Sophia Travers

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The perfect way to get revenge on the reporter trying to destroy my billion-dollar business? Hire her, run her ragged, and ruin her life.
Six months of Callie Thompson as my assistant, gritting her teeth at my outrageous demands. All in an attempt to save her sad little newspaper.She might be stubborn, but I’m a force of nature, and being cold and cruel? It’s what I do best.But nothing I do seems to get under skin, and she’s sure as hell getting under mine. Forcing her to stay late at the office turns into us sharing dinner and secrets. She’s supposed to be holding my towel at the gym, but she plays music I hate and smiles through my workout.I’ll torment her, but never touch her.I’ll tease her, but never kiss her. Until I do.Revenge was supposed to keep me warm at night, but all I want is her.I’m in trouble. Callie is still plotting to destroy my company, and I swore I’d never trust a reporter again. But when I’m with her, I hardly recognize myself.I might be the king of New York, but she’s brought me to my knees.

One Rich Revenge – Sophia Travers ePUB

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