On Thin Ice by Bracyn Daniels

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On Thin Ice (Ice Storm Hockey) by Bracyn Daniels

In the electrifying world of professional hockey, where icy battles on the rink unfold alongside the warmth of unexpected love, comes “On Thin Ice.” When sports journalist Kennedy Taylor is tasked with covering the meteoric rise of the formidable Tampa Ice Storm, she never expects her heart to be the one taking center stage.

Caught in the magnetic orbit of her best friend’s older brother, the brooding and intensely talented hockey player, Knox Huxley, Kennedy is thrust into a whirlwind of emotions that transcends the boundaries of friendship. As their connection deepens amid the echoes of slap shots and roaring crowds, they navigate the uncharted territory of forbidden desire.
But Kennedy’s loyalty to her best friend threatens to shatter the delicate balance they’ve found. In the game of love and hockey, Kennedy must decide whether to risk it all for a shot at true happiness or remain confined to the sidelines.

“On Thin Ice” is a heart-stopping romance that explores the passionate collisions between friendship, family, and the undeniable allure of love on and off the rink. Can Kennedy and Knox score the ultimate goal, or will their budding romance be benched forever? Grab your front-row seat for a tale of heart, sacrifice, and the undeniable thrill of love in the fast-paced world of professional hockey.

On Thin Ice – Bracyn Daniels

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