Oh Puck! by London Casey

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Oh Puck! (Puckford Pirates #5) by London Casey

Knox is supposed to the guy who helps me get out of bad dates… not the guy who gets me pregnant!
But. Here we are.
Two lines on a pregnancy test confirm my new reality.
Hi. I’m Willow. I’m in college. And I’m pregnant by the star goalie of the Puckford Pirates.
You know Knox, right?
Big. Strong. Passes out at every ultrasound appointment.
How did we get here?
I’m not giving the birds and the bees talk.

Let’s just say Knox saved me from an awful date and I thanked him in a special way.
And now we’re having a baby.
Between the intense morning sickness that lasts all day and the sudden appearance of the baby bump, Knox and I have grown closer, but we both stay far away from labeling what we are.
Knox is poised to get drafted as soon as possible.
We can’t have a baby on campus.
I’m sure he’ll be a good father.
But I can’t help but want to know…
What about me?
Do I get a shot at Knox’s love?
Or will he play goalie and block me out, leaving me wishing for a rebound?

Oh Puck! – London Casey

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