Office Mate by Rachel Van Dyken

Office Mate (The Emory Games #3) by Rachel Van Dyken – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

From #1 bestselling author Rachel Van Dyken comes a standalone office RomCom about what happened when the one you walked away from was now not only your boss but also your new partner in a high-stakes office game…
I liked to think things happened in threes:1. My girlfriend ghosted me and changed her number.2. I got promoted, but I worked for Satan.3. Months later, said girlfriend was back in my life, working underneath me as an intern.
Ah, the universe had jokes, ha, ha, hilarious.

All I had to do was survive the fourth annual Emory Games, a ridiculous office bonding game that Max Emory, our CEO, put on every year to help boost company morale and encourage the new interns.Yeah, just ask me if they felt encouraged after diving into shark-infested waters. Don’t worry… only one person got hurt, and the accidental death paperwork was sound.
I had to work with her as my partner for a full week, and then I could bounce back to my department, pretend that she hadn’t broken my heart, and run me over with my own truck for good measure.

I should have been focused on the games, except again, things happened in threes…1. She’s my partner.2. She’s hiding something.3. I may have fallen on her and kissed her. It’s a thing, it actually happens in real life—people just fall, and mouths meet, and what are you going to do?
Hi, my name is Ace Harley, and I was two point five seconds away from marching down to HR and begging for therapy.Being an adult sucked balls.

Office Mate – Rachel Van Dyken ePUB

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