Offensive Plays by Anne Martin

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Offensive Plays (Houston Heatwave #3) by Anne Martin

I’d never date a hockey player…or an ex’s brother.
But this bad boy has me breaking all my rules.
A new dating app claims to have found my perfect weekend hookup.
We can’t send pictures of our faces; anything else is open game.
So when I finally meet the dirty-talking stranger of my dreams…
I nearly faint when I see it’s my brother’s supposed saint of a teammate.
Michael Ferguson–the son of Houston’s most renowned pastor.
His family represents everything good, innocent, and wholesome.
With the exception of his brother, who I used to date.
On paper, we couldn’t be more different.
But with the mouth on this man and the way his muscles harden at my touch…
Nothing stays off-limits.
I’ve seen a side of the Heatwave’s good boy that nobody knows.
But his future is already written, and I can’t be in it.
Until two pink lines change everything.
He’ll stop at nothing to make me his.
Even if it means burning down everything he’s ever known.

Offensive Plays – Anne Martin

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