Obviously Not Human by Pearl Tate

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Obviously Not Human (Alien Integration #4) by Pearl Tate

Is this guy crazy? Or am I? Because I’m convinced he’s not quite human…

I’m done with being scared.
After being held in a cold metal cell for three days by scaled, fork-tongued aliens, I’m ready for revenge. Of course, I’d settle for some justice. But is that even possible?
I’ve been abducted before, but this time is not anything like the fleeting memories I’ve pieced together from my childhood. Not only do the aliens look completely different, but they took me from the service at a secret military base. Plus, our rescuers pulled out men who have been trapped their entire lives in their experiments.

I know because I spoke to one of them named Ray. He stirs something deep inside me as he declares he’ll get everyone out. Maybe it’s just my own longing for safety, but I can’t ignore the fact that he’s right. They need rescued.
But could the government be in cahoots with these aliens? And if I’m in the military, does that make me complicit, too?
It’s hard to deny the magnetic pull that draws me to Ray. Falling for him could mean betraying the military and everything it stands for. Am I willing to take that risk?

A steamy paranormal sci-fi alien romance for adults. Happy for now, always guaranteed.

Obviously Not Human – Pearl Tate

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