Obsession by Harleigh Beck

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Imagine my surprise when the chance to interview the country’s most notorious man on death row lands on my table. His final confession. It’s too good of an opportunity to turn down.
Robbie Hammond is old enough to be my father, a man condemned for the murder of at least fourteen women. He is dangerous, deadly. Intense in ways I can’t explain. Yet, despite the red flags, his magnetism draws me to him. I’m powerless to fight it.

Not everything is as it appears. The moment Savannah set foot in here, she shivered like a leaf in the wind, barely able to hold eye contact without a blush creeping up her neck.
I can’t take my eyes off her. It’s no mistake she’s here, watching me from across the table.
There’s a reason I only agreed to talk to Savannah Campbell before they put me down—why it has to be her.
Beneath the quivering smile hides a darkness I recognize.
A darkness that sparks my interest.
But the question is: how deep does it run?

Obsession – Harleigh Beck ePUB

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