No Half Measures by Randi Mae

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No Half Measures (All Strings Attached #2) by Randi Mae

The conclusion of Amped came with way more surprises than Zak Parker and her band had bargained for. But despite the recent implosion of her personal, professional, and romantic life, things are looking up for Saint of Spades.
Amid the glare of the spotlight, Zak’s new friend, Izzy, has come up with an idea that will take them all straight to the top… and force Zak to face her demons.

Chase Payton never thought he would be the lead singer of a rock band, never expected to find his place among such a chaotic group of friends, and certainly never imagined the girl of his dreams would fall for him, too. Whether she wants to admit it or not.
He’s gotten a second shot at fame, fortune, and happiness. Too bad Chase only cares about one of those things, and the other two are proving to be a major pain in his neck. The biggest players in the music industry have their own plans for this new life of his—leaving him with no other choice than to play the game.

No Half Measures – Randi Mae

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