No Boundaries by Kelly Elliott [ePub]

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No Boundaries by Kelly Elliott

When Amelia heads to Key West to celebrate graduating nursing school, she never dreamed her two friends would ditch her for their own fun.

Just when Amelia is coming to terms with the fact that her friends are going to enjoy this adventure with or without her, she decides to venture out on her own and meets Jaxon, a handsome bartender who is in Key West, for very different reasons.
Jaxon offers to show Amelia around Key West and invites her to the Fourth of July celebration. Sparks fly between the two, and when it is time for Amelia to head back to her home state of Texas, Jaxon needs to make a decision. Will he choose to hide out in Key West, or will he take a leap of faith and follow his heart?

No Boundaries is a fun, quick read!

No Boundaries – Kelly Elliott

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