Never Say Never by Karen Cimms

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Never Say Never (Gravel Hill Boys #2) by Karen Cimms

Sometimes opposites attract a little too well.
Love isn’t for me. I learned that lesson the hard way.
I did, however, feel entitled to a tipsy, one-night stand with a sexy stranger. And it was amazing. Until I woke up alone…to cold sheets…and a Starbucks gift card.
Two months and two pink lines later, everything is about to change. But that’s not my biggest problem.
Turns out the father-to-be is a famous country music star known for his rockstar lifestyle…and he’s also a client of my PR firm.
Naturally, I never expected Ian Donahue—yes, the Ian Donahue—to step up and actually want to be a dad. But he did.
Even more shocking?
He wants me too—in a forever kind of way.
Now I’m wondering if a reformed playboy and a billionaire heiress with trust issues can turn an accident into a happily ever after.
I’m skeptical.
But, hey…never say never.

Never Say Never – Karen Cimms

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