Never In My Wildest Dreams by Erika Kelly [ePub]

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Never In My Wildest Dreams (Rengades (Hockey) #4) by Erika Kelly

A blizzard strands two strangers in a cabin on Christmas Eve, and there’s only one bed. Neither of them expected the surprise that came nine months later.

Lorelei Calloway was on top of the world. A world-famous pop star, she relied on her inner circle to keep her grounded— until she found out the truth. They’d been betraying her all along. Refusing to break down in front of the paparazzi, she asks her manager to rent a cabin where she can escape to heal her wounds.
Booker Hayes is a good man in a world of sharks. When his boss demands he choose money over his conscience, he takes off for Christmas break to his cabin. Exhausted from a long day of travel and fighting a blizzard that’s shut down the town, he falls into bed—only to be awakened by a shrieking woman wielding a bat.
Well, oops. It looks like, in her distraught state of mind, Lorelei entered the wrong cabin. She promises to leave the moment the roads are cleared. Except…the next thirty-six hours bring them a passion and connection neither of them has ever experienced.
But when Wi-Fi returns, reality hits, and it’s time to return to the real world. They’ve chosen not to share names or personal details, so goodbye means forever.
Or does it? Two years later, fate decides to throw them back together as maid of honor and best man in their best friends’ wedding. Only, Lorelei’s changed since she last saw him. She’s got a daughter.

One with Booker’s sea glass-green eyes and daredevil spirit.

Never In My Wildest Dreams – Erika Kelly

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