Never Fall for a Dragon by Lola Glass

Never Fall for a Dragon (Mate Mountain #1) by Lola Glass – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

I’m trapped in a cabin with a gorgeous dragon shifter.
Granted, I was the one who accidentally ignited his heat, an intense mating process.So, it’s kind of my fault. Whoops.If we can resist sealing the bond by avoiding, uh, sealing the deal, we’ll both be free to go.If we can’t, we’ll be stuck together.Forever.Which wouldn’t be that bad, if he wasn’t about to be thrown in jail for doing some illegal crap to protect his sister.But he is.And if we become mates?We’ll both be forced into prison.So I have to resist throwing myself at the gigantic dragon that my body is literally burning for… no matter how much I want him.

Never Fall for a Dragon – Lola Glass ePUB

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