My Soul for Sale by Cassie Lein [ePub]

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My Soul for Sale (A Night To Remember Auction) by Cassie Lein

I need money and I need it fast.

When I see the HOUSE FOR SALE sign on my drive to work, my heart breaks into a million pieces. But a bartender’s salary, even with tips, isn’t going to save my grandmother’s home, which is why when my customer tells me about this taboo auction, I can’t say no.
Half a mil and all I have to give up is my morals, my dignity, and my body…
Which would be fine if my weekend of debauchery wasn’t with Ripley and Atlas…my ex-stepbrother and his father.
Soon I find myself wondering what’s worth more… my heart or my future… and just how far am I willing to go to get what I deserve?

My Soul for Sale – Cassie Lein

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