My Marriage Pact by Kristine W. Joy [ePub]

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My Marriage Pact (My Way to Romance) by Kristine W. Joy

My marriage pact from high school is suddenly on the table—and my best friend wants to cash it in…

Life was simple until Evan, my rock-solid childhood best friend turned dreamy doctor, dropped a bombshell.
He wants to cash in the marriage pact we made as teenagers…
Evan’s always been there for me, but when he suggests we take our friendship to the next level, I freeze.
I can’t risk our bond for something more…
Then, a twist of fate lands me in his arms after an accident, and suddenly, everything feels different.
But by the time I finally gather the courage to admit my feelings, it all blows up in my face.
Will we take a chance on love? Or is it too late?

My Marriage Pact is a sweet and swoony, friends to lovers, closed-door romcom. It’s the third and final standalone story in Kristine W. Joy’s My Way to Romance Series following three best friends who live in Boston.

My Marriage Pact – Kristine W. Joy

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