My Heart Still Beats by Helen Hardt

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My Heart Still Beats by Helen Hardt

From #1 bestselling author Helen Hardt comes a deeply emotional tale of being lost, until light—and love—brings you back to shore…

Some days I can almost see the person I used to be. See the version of myself that felt joy, even passion. But she’s gone…just out of reach.
Life moves on for everyone else, though, and as my best friend’s maid-of-honor, I have a bachelorette party to plan—in Jamaica, no less. And that means working side by side with the best man: Benjamin Black.
Billionaire. Workaholic. Ultimate bachelor. The perfect catch for any woman—unless she’s lost her sense of self.
Apparently my body hasn’t gotten the memo. Because from the second we meet, something begins stirring, warming my blood.
And when our hands touch, it’s a heady reminder that even if I feel numb, my heart still beats.
He’s nothing like I thought. Every moment with him unshackles a little more of my fears, cracks another layer of ice.
But I should be afraid—and so should he. Because the past never lets go so easily.

Trigger Warning: My Heart Still Beats is a dark, emotional romance with a happy ending. However, the story includes elements that might not be suitable for all readers. Sexual assault, physical assault, rape, child molestation, suicidal thoughts, suicidal ideation, depression, anxiety, PTSD, panic attacks, murder, and blood are shown in the novel. Readers who may be sensitive to these elements, please take note.

My Heart Still Beats – Helen Hardt

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