My Demon Charming by Rhys Lawless

My Demon Charming (My Demon Charming #1) by Rhys Lawless – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

My life is no fairy tale.My dad died when I was still a baby. My mom married a monster who ended up killing her. And I’m bound by blood to my stepfather. For the rest of my life.
There’s no escape.If I’m not working my ass off at my stepdad’s store, I’m being used by him and his son to quench their thirst for power and control.
But there’s a silver lining.I’ve been saving money for a while. And the demon summoning kit is finally here and I have the chance of a lifetime.The chance to exact revenge.But will it free me from this miserable life?Or will I find myself bound to yet another monster?
My Demon Charming is a 21k word dark urban fantasy romance novella featuring a small man with big dreams, a devious demon with a deadly streak, and an instalove that flourishes into something beautiful in the darkest of times.Trigger warnings for sexual assault, violence and murder.

My Demon Charming – Rhys Lawless ePUB

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