My Brother’s Teammates by Melissa Ivers

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My Brother’s Teammates by Melissa Ivers, Lasairiona McMaster

What do you get when you cross a curvy seamstress with three hot hockey players? A pucking disaster.

My escape plan seemed foolproof – retreat to my brother’s empty apartment after catching my ex with another man. But I stumble into an unexpected complication: his hockey player roommates…and I’m stark naked.
Despite my mortifying entrance, and against my better judgment, they’re willing to let me stay but with a few rules:

1. No funny business.
2. No telling the team captain – aka my brother – Harrison.
3. It’s temporary until I can find somewhere else to live.

At first, the boundaries hold. But simmering tension and close quarters makes resisting temptation harder with each passing day. The simmering tension threatens to combust, blurring the lines we swore not to cross.
But how can we go back after crossing that line? And what happens when my brother inevitably finds out?

My Brother’s Teammates – Melissa Ivers, Lasairiona McMaster

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