Music of Seduction by Ashley Brion

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Music of Seduction by Ashley Brion

What happens when the woman you kidnapped is the wrong one…and she’s the self-adopted daughter of the biggest crime family in Chicago?

Darius Giocoso doesn’t care who the hit is for as long as whatever Godfather Tagliatti pays him is enough. He’s on his latest contract when Alessandro Segreto decides to hide with his girlfriend in the Appalachian Mountains. Darius decides to kidnap the loud-mouthed, swanky woman to lure him out of hiding, but he ends up making a mistake that he’ll never forget—letting his desire rule.
Harmony Catrone is an intelligent, fiery woman who doesn’t give a damn about what anyone has to say about her. After yet another boyfriend leaves her to taste the fruits of other trees, she’s had enough of love until Darius comes waltzing into her uncle’s bar. Now she finds herself kidnapped, letting her darker desires take over.

Darius and Harmony find themselves exploring new territory, and there’s no use resisting.
This book does contain dark themes and triggers that may be upsetting.

Music of Seduction – Ashley Brion

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