Mr. Hall’s Sunshine by May Alder [ePub]

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Mr. Hall’s Sunshine (Cheeky #2) by May Alder

All I need is a few seconds of Mr. Hall’s time to sign off on my maternity leave papers, but every attempt to get him to do so has been met with a cutting eye and sharp refusal. When he threatens to give me permanent maternity leave after my latest attempt, I decide I’ve had enough of his belligerent behavior.
My temper gets the best of me, and after slinging the most ridiculous insults his way, he follows through on his threat to fire me. I can’t afford to lose my job and its generous maternity leave, not since my ex-fiancé abandoned me and our unborn child shortly into my pregnancy.
There’s only one quick (crazy!) way I can think of to hopefully ease Mr. Hall’s maxed-out blood pressure and get him to reverse his decision. It starts by getting on my knees…

Mr. Hall’s Sunshine is a steamy office romance novelette and is intended for an 18+ audience. Please read the Author’s Note at the beginning of the book for a list of tropes and themes. Happily Ever After guaranteed.

Mr. Hall’s Sunshine – May Alder

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