Mounting the Minotaur by Jade Waltz [ePub]

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Mounting the Minotaur (Monster Mate Mayhem) by Jade Waltz

Who thought scaling a mountain would make me fall for a monster?

When I received a contract from a firm in charge of integrating humans onto Monster Island, I couldn’t refuse.
I had no clue my rental car would break down in the heart of a mountain range, surrounded by a dense forest that seemed to stretch on forever.
Fortunately, I stumbled upon the perfect mountain man – literally – Monte the Minotaur.
He may be somewhat grumpy, but inside his muscular, furry physique beats a caring heart.
As he tends my wounds, I find myself falling for him…
When the time comes for me to return to the city, I find myself not wanting to go…
Can Monte overlook my lack of survival skills and want me to be his monster bride?

Mounting the Minotaur – Jade Waltz

Download Mounting the Minotaur by Jade Waltz [ePub]

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