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Mine to Tease (Blood and Bourbon #2) by Emily A. Myers

Book 2 in the Blood and Bourbon series, Mine to Tease is a steamy, standalone mafia romance featuring the enemies-to-lovers, forced proximity, and bodyguard tropes. It takes place during the one-year time gap we see at the end of Mine to Protect.

Damon Dupont is the best protector in the Amato crime family’s ranks. But as power in the New Orleans underworld shifts and new alliances are made, he now finds himself forced to protect the one woman he couldn’t care less about—the princess of the Irish mob.
Anastasia Cross has spent her life like a prisoner in a gilded cage, sheltered and surrounded by bodyguards. The last thing she wants is another one, which is why her brother secretly hires Damon to watch after her upon her move to New Orleans.
As Damon keeps his cover by working in the tattoo shop beneath the unit Ana is renovating for her new boutique, he sets out on a personal mission to make her life miserable. But, his plan to drive her away backfires when he falls head over heels for the woman just as fiery and stubborn as him.
The Vibe: steamy, kinky, playful, protective, “you’re mine,” “touch her and die,” “he falls first.”

***All books in the Blood and Bourbon series are standalone mafia romances; however, they are best read in consecutive order due to the interconnected mafia conflict. All books in this series feature HAPPILY EVER AFTERS!

Mine to Tease – Emily A. Myers

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