Midnight Rain by Lynn Hagen

Midnight Rain (Midnight Falls #12) by Lynn Hagen – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

After fleeing a terrifying situation, Austin finds himself in Midnight Falls. He agrees to go with his cousin to a barbeque, only to run into the jerk who lectured him at the local coffee shop the morning he arrived. Despite his efforts to steer clear of Cormac, Austin finds himself gravitating toward the sexy grump. When the person Austin ran from tracks him down, it’s Cormac who comes to his rescue.His entire life Cormac has been weighed down with responsibility. It was his father who placed those burdens on his shoulders and expected too much of him. Now that his father is gone, Cormac doesn’t know how to be anyone else except the grump his brothers claim him to be. Everything changes when Austin shows up and Cormac not only realizes that the human is his mate, but is shown how to cut loose and finally have some fun.

Midnight Rain – Lynn Hagen ePUB

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