Merciless Is My Crown by L.A. McGinnis

Merciless Is My Crown (Wicked Realms #3) by L.A. McGinnis – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

A rebellious princess cursed by the gods.The loyal warriors sworn to protect her.A bond broken only by death.
From the day I was born, I was destined to become a sacrifice to my father’s power.Now everything has changed. My father is dead, I’ve claimed the Fae magic and altered the course of a bloody, thousand-year war. I’m stronger, more powerful…and I have an even deadlier enemy—the ruthless Shadow King.To protect the men I love, I’ll forge an alliance with the traitorous High Seer and betray every vow I’ve ever made, because there is only one way to defeat the king and prevent the ancient magic from corrupting me and my bonded warriors.First, we’ll save the world.Then kill the gods before their curse kills us.

Merciless Is My Crown – L.A. McGinnis ePUB

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