Memories of May by Juliet Madison

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Memories of May (Tarrin’s Bay) by Juliet Madison

A single mom finds an escape in the novels on her bookstore’s shelves—but can real life ever compete with fiction?

By day, single mother Olivia Chevalier runs the family’s bookstore in the seaside town of Tarrin’s Bay and raises her nine-year-old daughter. By night, she disappears into the world of fiction, filled with excitement, romance, and happy endings.
Though she finds motherhood and her job endlessly rewarding, Olivia has faced plenty of challenges, hard work, and disappointment. So when enigmatic travel writer Joel Foster walks into her bookstore—and her life—with his mantras about trying new things and taking risks, she isn’t about to fall for all that happy talk.
But when Olivia is compelled to enroll in Joel’s writing course to tell the story of her grandmother’s life, she discovers secrets about her family and truths about herself—and finds herself yearning to rewrite her own story . . .

Memories of May – Juliet Madison

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