Meet Me in the Vines by Ginsa Michelle

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Meet Me in the Vines (Oakwood Valley #1) by Ginsa Michelle

I could’ve stepped on the gazebo steps and ended our night right then and there. Thanks for a great kiss. Goodnight. But we both know that this night isn’t the end. It’s just the beginning.

Audrey Winthrop and Donovan King were on the precipice of a passionate and blooming summer love on the night of their high school graduation. But the repercussions of that evening brought their budding relationship to an unexpected and devastating end.
Ten years later, Audrey returns to Oakwood Valley with a grief-stricken heart and a body full of bruises. Her life in New York City is not what it seems—and she’ll do anything to hide the truth from her loved ones a little longer.

Until Donovan comes soaring back into her life, reminding her of the girl she once was on that life-changing night together, and the girl she truly is.
Can she escape a life trapped in the city under the death grip of a possessive billionaire boyfriend? Or will running back into Donovan’s arms put them both in danger?

Meet Me in the Vines – Ginsa Michelle

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