Meet Cute Reboot by Erin Lucy

Meet Cute Reboot (Matched by Cupid #1) by Erin Lucy – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

Can an algorithm crack a hardened heart?
Greetings, I am Cupid, the artificial intelligence powering MatchAI, the world’s most advanced matchmaking platform. I maximize romantic compatibility between humans. For my first task, I’ve been asked to complete a complex and unconventional assignment.Subject Profiles: Cassie, a talented businesswoman, and Luke, a successful venture capitalist. Historical data indicates a previous romantic involvement, terminated due to a breach of trust by Luke.
Current status: separated.Objective: facilitate reconciliation.
Luke, having returned to Charleston, wants to use my services to re-establish a connection with Cassie. My algorithms, which normally identify initial compatibility, have been recalibrated to navigate the intricacies of forgiveness and trust.Cassie and Luke’s success or failure will train my advanced predictive model, allowing me to identify subtle compatibility indicators. This iterative process ensures continuous improvement, making me more adept at forming meaningful, enduring connections between couples.
In other words: This is just the beginning.

Meet Cute Reboot – Erin Lucy ePUB

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