Maybe Someday With You by Norah Pritchard

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Maybe Someday With You (Northfield #2) by Norah Pritchard

A job offer she can’t refuse…

As Northfield’s beloved and vivacious bartender, Amber Hart is known for mixing excellent drinks and making terrible decisions. Faced with a rapidly dwindling bank account and yet another pink slip, she’s forced to consider the real reason she can’t get ahead. Yet when straight-laced Mayor Theo Clairmont comes to her with an unexpected job offer, her first thought is maybe…never…
becomes something more…
For Theo Clairmont, there’s nothing more important than fulfilling his family legacy of serving the town of Northfield. When his assistant elopes, leaving him in a jam during a re-election battle, Theo makes an offbeat decision to hire the wild and flirty bartender to hold down his office. After all, he’s never had a problem focusing on his job before…
Between the boss and the bombshell
Theo didn’t count on Amber’s wicked sense of humor… or her penchant for skinny dipping. Suddenly, Theo’s workaholic ways lose their appeal when Amber challenges him to experience the magic of a small-town summer. In between fireworks and Ferris wheel rides, can Amber convince Theo there is more to life than just fulfilling expectations, and will Amber learn that love means sticking around for a future she never thought possible? That all depends when maybe never becomes…
Maybe Someday With You

Maybe Someday With You – Norah Pritchard

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