Maverick by Sarina Hart

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Maverick (Steel Demons MC #3) by Sarina Hart

She’s hiding a story, he’s writing their destiny.

I never thought I’d look for a woman in a strip club, until I laid eyes on her—a redhead with a story.
Her eyes weren’t just sad; they were screaming for a way out. I could tell she didn’t belong there. She’s definitely hiding secrets, wrapped in pain, and I couldn’t look away.
When I saw some sloshed goon getting handsy with her, refusing to take a hint, I knew I had to protect her.
Reaching out to help her felt like the only decent thing to do. I offered her a place to stay and a lead on a new gig—but it wasn’t just her. Her kid, Sophie, with those wide, scared eyes—they got to me.
When her past catches up, threatening everything she holds dear, I find myself stepping into a role I never expected. Protecting her becomes more than duty.

Maverick – Sarina Hart

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