Mated to the Minotaur by Karla Doyle

Mated to the Minotaur (Mated to the Monster) by Karla Doyle – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

A steamy and sweet, fated mates, cozy monster romance with a guaranteed Happily Ever After!
When my cousin calls, distraught because her parents won’t accept her fiancé because “his skin is a different color,” I give her the “we ride at dawn” support she needs and deserves. Then say yes to being her maid of honor at the wedding that’s in three weeks.Booking a flight across the country and getting a dress that’s “any color other than green” are doable. Making arrangements in a town Google can’t locate is more challenging. Time isn’t on my side and my cousin seems to be too busy to respond to messages, so I make use of the best man’s contact info.Constantine is happy to help. And his voice…it’s enough to make me swoon. After one phone call, I might be more excited to meet him than I am for my cousin’s wedding. I don’t know what Constantine looks like, nor do I care. I’m not superficial or a racist like my cousin’s parents. I’m as open-minded as it gets.Turns out, I need to be. Fate’s Falls isn’t any small, mountain town—it’s populated with literal monsters, including the man I’m crushing on. The hulking Minotaur could crush me in one of his massive hands. Logically, I should be scared, but I’m the opposite. I assume it’s because I’m long overdue for some adventure, and more than a little curious to know if the hunky Minotaur is monstrous all over.Constantine insists our connection is deeper than physical attraction. He believes we’re mates. As in, fated mates. Forever.My previously boring life just got a whole lot more interesting…
Part of the Fate’s Falls series by Karla DoyleThis book is intended for adult readers only. Visit the author’s website for content notes about all of her books.

Mated to the Minotaur – Karla Doyle ePUB

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